stichting werken met Goldstein

The foundation Working with Goldstein develops and produces materials which can be used for Aggression Replace- ment Training®. This site provides you with background information on the Goldstein, Glick and Gibbs method based training.


For I-phone and I-pad we created this App.
By using this App you have always easy access to the steps necessary to carry out the social skills of the ART method.
And it is free!


New ART® DVD's will be presented at Norwegian Conference dec. 8, 2011

At the Stavanger Seminar in Hogskole at 8 dec. new Norwegian Art material will be presented. Dr. Peter Bleumer, our trainer, will give an example of how we work in Holland with this Method.

nov 2011

Release new ART® DVD

We are proud to announce that we have developed a new ART® DVD exclusively for the American market. It is now available!

This DVD contains user-friendly cognitive behavioral intervention tools to support practitioners in their programming at work with at-risk and aggressive youth to alter their behavior. These materials are based on the Aggression Replacement Training® program.

The DVD follows the outline of the ART® program and corporates 3 specific interventions:

  1. Skill-streaming, the behavioral component.
  2. Anger Control Training, the emotional component.
  3. Moral Reasoning, the value component.

Order here.


Comic strips, which are recommended to use during the ART® program, are now available. These comics are useful colourful tools and attractive to youth. The comic strips are laminated.

Order here.