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This method contains user-friendly cognitive behavioral intervention tools to support practitioners in their programming at work with at-risk and aggressive youth to alter their behavior.

These materials are based on the Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®) program and follow this program outline and corporate three specific interventions:
Skill-streaming, the behavioral component, Anger Control Training, the emotional part and training in Moral Reasoning, the value component.

The tools support the modeling and role playing for the skill-streaming part.
In the anger-control training it shows the anger arousing and how to cope with hassles.
The examples for the moral reasoning training gives confrontations and imaginations to train sense of fairness and justice.

The basic program of the method is the "core" ART® curriculum of a 10 week / 30-hour intervention and follows this program.
But there are a lot of variations as well in duration as in using different examples in the sessions.
In support the DVD contains more situations and examples that gives the practitioner to make an adequate optional program.