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Social Skills Anger Control Training Moral Reasoning


Underlying Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®) is the idea that every act of aggression has multiple causes, both external and internal to the youth.
External influences, particularly of parents and peers, are substantial. With regard to internal causes, ample evidence supports the belief that chronically aggressive youngsters posses a series of interlocking and compounding deficiencies.
First, these youths characteristically are weak or lack many of the personal, interpersonal and social cognitive skills that they collectively constitute effective pro-social behavior.
Second, their frequent impulsiveness and overreliance on aggressive means to meet their daily needs and longer term goals reflect deficiency in anger control.
Third, with respect to values, such adolescents have been shown to respond at a more egocentric, concrete, and in a sense, primitive level of moral reasoning.

ART® addresses each of these concerns in its three coordinated components: