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Social Skills
Anger Control Training Moral Reasoning

Skill Streaming

It concerns how to reinforce a pro-social attitude towards other people especially in awkward situations.
The menu follows the sequence of Class Design and training day.
The practitioner can follow the Standard ARTŪ Program or make his own decision in use of the part of the film.
There are 19 Social Skills the first 10 are according the standards of Aggression Training program of Goldstein, Glick and Gibbs.

The film can be shown as:
AllAll parts are shown at once
IntroductionAn introduction of the skill in a specific situation
Skill StepsSkill Steps are learned and explained step by step
ModelThe skill is modeled according to the Skill Steps
Model with Skill StepsModel with explanation of Skill Steps
The 19 items are: (when you click on the title you see the 'model' part)
  1. Making a Complaint
  2. Understanding the Feelings of Others
  3. Getting Ready for a Difficult Conversation
  4. Dealing with Someone Else's Anger
  5. Keeping Out of Fights
  6. Helping Others
  7. Dealing with an Accusation
  8. Dealing with Group Pressure
  9. Expressing Affection / Appreciation
  10. Responding to Failure
  11. Dealing with Embarrassment
  12. Avoiding Troubles with Others
  13. Apologizing
  14. Deciding What Caused the Problem
  15. Negotiating
  16. Listening
  17. Asking a Question
  18. Giving feedback
  19. Knowing your Feelings
  20. Making a Complaint - full movie