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Introduction Social Skills
Anger Control Training
Moral Reasoning

Anger Control Training

The emotional component of Aggression Replacement Training.
It concerns how we can manage our arousal of aggression in different situations

The menu follows the sequence of Class Design and training day.
The practitioner can follow the Standard ARTŪ Program or make his own decision in use of the part of the film.

The Anger Control Chain has 9 items.
These items can be used according to the standards of Aggression Training (ARTŪ) program of Goldstein, Glick and Gibbs or as the practitioner thinks is best.
Each menu gives:

  • All = All parts are shown at once
  • Review of Last Week = What have we learned till now
  • Introduction this Week = What sequence do we learn today
  • Model for This Week = How do we implement the new part

  • still

    The 9 items are:
    1. The ABC of Anger
    2. Triggers
    3. Cues
    4. Anger Reducers 1,2 and 3
    5. Reminders
    6. Self Evaluation
    7. Thinking Ahead
    8. Angry Behavior Cycle
    9. Rehearsal and Full Sequence

    Example of ACT video in WMV file; click here